Ankhilig HD Original Figure with Genesis 8.1 Poses

Skittering noises in dark? A clicking and chattering sound from the mists up ahead or around some dungeon bend? Ankhilig, the original figure for Daz Studio is a perfect choice of antagonist insectoid, alien, or ultra-aggressive creature for your renders.

Intensely detailed with HD geometry yet highly optimized for ease of use in your viewport, the Ankhilig comes with 10 solo poses for the creature, plus 2 sets of 5 "duo" poses for the Genesis 8.1 male and female figure. Just parent the human figure to the root of the Ankhilig, apply the pose, and immediately you'll have action-packed inspiration for your shot!

Add to all that, the high resolution, 8k, 16bit png maps, all built from a variety of sources, combining artistic painting skills with photo elements and cutting edge procedural texture methods via the Substance tool suite for the peak in fidelity, detail, and intensity for this creature's skins.

Give your characters something to fear with Ankhilig HD Original Figure with Genesis 8.1 Poses!


  • Produktnummer: 83084
  • Dateiname:
    • IM00083084-01_AnkhiligHDOriginalFigurewithGenesis81Poses1of6
    • IM00083084-02_AnkhiligHDOriginalFigurewithGenesis81Poses2of6
    • IM00083084-03_AnkhiligHDOriginalFigurewithGenesis81Poses3of6
    • IM00083084-04_AnkhiligHDOriginalFigurewithGenesis81Poses4of6
    • IM00083084-05_AnkhiligHDOriginalFigurewithGenesis81Poses5of6
    • IM00083084-06_AnkhiligHDOriginalFigurewithGenesis81Poses6of6
  • Plattform: Daz3D