Walks of Mood - Animation Set for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female

We present a set of animated gaits that display the emotional state of the character, such as playfulness, pride, and sadness. Each of the gaits is adapted to four types of shoes: regular shoes, flat shoes, platform flat shoes, high-heeled shoes with long toe, and platform high-heeled shoes. Each of their gaits are available in three variations: straight ahead, moving in place, and moving in place with a 360-degree rotation around its axis. For each gait, there is a separate animation of the movement of the breasts and poses for the hands.


  • Produktnummer: 87489
  • Dateiname:
    • IM00087489-01_WalksofMoodAnimationSet
  • Plattform: Daz3D
  • Pfad: People->Genesis 8 Female->Animations->Havanalibere->Walks of Mood