3DA Olivia for G3F

Classic beauty. Olivia is a stunning character for Genesis 3 Female. Goddess, Queen, Heroine or a modern beauty; Olivia is suitable for all your renders.

With a custom head morph you do not need to actually own any additional morph packages. However, Olivia's body shape & lash options will require the Genesis 3 morphs.

Olivia's shaders will nicely work with your scene lighting. Cooler shades will lighten her skin tones while warmer lights will bring out her olive tones.


  • Produktnummer: 113376
  • Dateiname:
    • 3DA_Olivia_3DL_MATs_184304
    • 3DA_Olivia_BaseFiles_184302
    • 3DA_Olivia_IRay_MATs_184303
  • Plattform: Renderosity