Sukai 8

Sukai is a young, energetic superhero. A role model for the citizens of her metropolis, she's fun and has a bubbly personality.

She and her gang of super-girls can often be seen flying around the city doling out justice to purse-snatchers and alien invaders alike. They also star in a popular series of comic books centered around the morals of being able to do anything with the power of friendship (and, of course, amazing outfits).

But now Sukai is ready to star in your renders with 5 Eye Colors, 7 Make-Ups, 2 Eyelashes, and even more options including a Back Tattoo. And because heroes need to keep their identity secret, she comes with 2 Geoshell masks with 8 and 8 respective Color options, so she’s always on the right side.

Get Sukai 8 for a fun new character who likes hanging out with friends after school almost as much as she likes battling massive mechas that are threatening the entire city!


  • Produktnummer: 71027
  • Dateiname:
    • IM00071027-01_Sukai8
  • Plattform: Daz3D