3D Pubic Hair for Victoria 6

This product contains several 3D pubic hair props for V6.
There are 7 pubic hair styles, from a big bush to a nicely trimmed small tuft.

The props come in 2 versions, one for V6 WITHOUT the Genesis 2 Female Genitalia attached and one WITH the Genitalia attached to V6. So you can use the props whether you have the genital figure or not. 
5 material presets to change the color (black, brown, light brown, blond and gray) are available as well. You can of course change the color to any color you like in the surfaces tab. It is not limited to the presets. 
All props are "smart-props" and will parent themselves to the correct body part (pubic hair to the "pelvis" of V6). 

The props can be used without V6 or another character too (untested), but you might need to position them yourself then. There is no support if being used with another character than V6. 


  • Produktnummer: 41351
  • Dateiname:
    • IM80041351-00_SFDPubicHairForV6
  • Plattform: Renderotica