Aphrodite Hair

Anime, Stylized hairstyle, consist of 1 Conforming Daz Studio (Duf) & DSON Poser companion files,
for Genesis 2 Female by Default, with Aphrodite, Aphrodite for Dolly, Dolly and Victoria 6 Refits. and
1 Super smart prop with 2 control handles ( Movement and Swing) for the Braid, for absolute control of the braid,
with any pose and character and with minimum distortion for use in Poser and Daz Studio!
This Super prop contain pose refits for Victoria 4, Michael 4 Genesis, Dawn, Dusk, Genesis2Male, Anastasia, Roxie,
Aphrodite, Aphrodite for Dolly, Dolly and Victoria 6,
Also it can be scaled translated and with the help of the adjustment morphs and handles,
can fit the most Poser/Daz characters!

!!!Please Note:
1."cast shadows" are disabled in the Super smart prop, Parameters/Properties window tab,
for more realistic,in case you using bright lights with low intensity,
shadows and you have disabled the AO shader, to avoid hair looking flat, or
If you want stronger shadows on the hair, select neck,
and set the"cast shadows" ON.
2.The Super smart prop, in order to remain full functional with Handles, will show,
when you load it to the scene as a character, dont conform it to the
Human figure as its smart parented to figures head.
4.You will find the Pose refits for Super smart prop in the poser/libraries/Pose folder.
5.Please read the instruction thumbs inside product folders. for easier usage.


  • Produktnummer: 109837
  • Dateiname:
    • RPAphroditeHair-DazStudio-G2F_1_109837
    • RPAphroditeHair-PoserCF-G2F_2_109837
    • RPAphroditeHair-SuperProp_PoserAndDS_3_109837
  • Plattform: Renderosity