Farm Fencing

PVC Farm Fencing is the most commonly used modern enclosure product for farms in North America for a few reasons; it never needs painting, it assembles quickly and efficiently, and looks great against the setting sun during every season. And now it is available for your virtual worlds.

Farm Fencing is a full 3D exterior environment for both Poser and DAZ Studio. The set includes individual prop elements as well as a full scene preload. Elements include prefab corrals, four board fences, galvanized metal gate, horse cavaletti, sliding barn doors, barn stables, grass clusters, low poly rocks and two versions of the same tree. And yes the large farmland prop with surrounding hilly terrain is included as well. The barn/stables have operating front and rear barn doors, and a partial interior with half stalls as seen through the barn doors. The efficiently built polygon props can easily be added to any other environment too. Add as few or as many as your computer system can handle. And each element can be selected and moved as may be required.


  • Produktnummer: 15791
  • Dateiname:
    • 15791_FarmFencingDS_1.0_ds
    • 15791_FarmFencingPs_1.0_dpc
  • Plattform: Daz3D