MLA Orbital Render System

The Orbital Render System offers a streamlined setup within Daz Studio and was developed through years of experimenting and testing. The goal was to speed up and simplify the often time-consuming process of finding the best camera views with the perfect lighting for a particular character. The Orbital Render System offers a complete framework that can combine and organize the powerful tools Daz Studio offers, allowing the artist fast and accurate production of creative ideas without getting caught up in too many complicated technical details.

This is accomplished by arranging the lights and cameras around the subject, allowing them to be predictably moved into position and adjusted. Instead of loading new static cameras and lights into the scene each time, it allows the user to easily move around the scene using the same "subject-focused" start-up configuration. Positioning is fast and easily done in a natural and intuitive way as you would in real life (like walking around your character without losing sight of it). More importantly, all this is possible without having to re-adjust the focal center of the lights or cameras or even the depth of field ranges when used.

Although the Orbital Render System was primarily designed for rendering a character in a relatively small space (the included infinity stage), it can easily be moved in its entirety to anywhere in a large scene while retaining focus on the subject. This is like instantly taking the entire camera and lighting crew with you to explore and document a large set.

The heart of the product is the camera group with 5 distinctive cameras and a spotlight group with 5 specific lights, all based on standards in photography. In addition, the system includes a panoramic infinity stage group, a scalable surround mesh light with 10 sections for Iray, basic HDR ambient lighting, and a subject group for added convenience. All elements and groups can also be loaded individually to custom design your scene templates.

The setup works both with Iray and the new Filament render engine with often only minor adjustments to the included HDR lighting when using the same camera view. In order to make the whole product easier to use and more accessible to Daz Studio beginners, many controls have descriptive labels in the parameters section and show only the ones that are used most frequently in standard artistic production.

The many included one-click starter scenes with the Orbital Render System help to create a base to start from and can make the creative workflow more efficient and productive for many beginning and advanced Daz users.


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    • IM00082734-01_MLAOrbitalRenderSystem
  • Plattform: Daz3D