Twizted Fantasy Ears & Accessories for Genesis 8 Female

Twizted Fantasy Ears & Accessories for Genesis 8 Female is a Unique Set of 10 Fantasy Ear Morphs and 10 Matching Accessories

Each Ear Morph has a Custom Ear Accessory to Match and it Comes with 10 Presets for each ear Morph and 10 Accessories and 10 Pendants to Mix and Match and Also includes Stand Alone pieces for Use with any Ear!!

!!For Easy Customization you Can use the Scale,Translate and Rotate Dials for Easy Movements!!

-01 Ear Morph REM
-10 Fantasy Ear Morphs
-10 Presets with Mirrored Versions Included
-11 Ear Accessories with Mirrored Versions Included
-10 Pendants in Both Right and Left Positions
-04 Stand Alone Pieces
-41 Material Presets


These were Fitted to the Genesis 8 Female Base and May Need Adjusting for Some Character Morphs!!!

!!Use the X SCALE Dial in Parametsr to Bring the Earrings Inward for Smaller Heads!!

*All Pendants and Earrings are Parented Props and May Need Manual Adjusting!*

*Parent all Pendants to the Earrings*

Ear Morph Dials are Located in the Parameters Tab Under Actor>Full Body>Twizted G8 Morphs>Ears


  • Produktnummer: 128259
  • Dateiname:
    • Fantasy+Ears+and+Accessories+G8_227400
  • Plattform: Renderosity