Chroma-Key Green Screen Studio

Chroma-Key Green Screen Studio is a versatile 3D interior environment set that approximates the production techniques used in the video, television, and film production, and is still the best method to incorporate live action footage in the foreground and then composite it with any type of background. Kind of redundant in 3D, it still can prove to be a useful set piece, since everyone from the local weatherman to the special effects artistry of a summer blockbuster use this technique.

You can also use the Interior industrial structure of the building for other purposes by removing the reinforced free standing cyclorama and the alternate setup is included as its own preset.

The green screen setup boasts large ceiling hung lamps that cast large amounts of light with massive diffusion netting that any gaffer or electrician "bestboy" would call ugly, but their function in distributing light evenly onto the painted surface of the cyclorama walls is undeniable. That consistent light distribution is important in the keying optical process.

Please note the characters, vehicles and film equipment shown in some of the promos are for visualization and scale purposes and are not included. What you get is a large clean industrial space with multiple ceiling lamps, a large curved cyclorama, that is well lit and perfect for video and film production mockup scenes.

The set also includes two DAZ Studio raytraced lightsets. For DAZ Studio 4.6+ only


  • Produktnummer: 19240
  • Dateiname:
    • IM00019240-01_ChromaKeyGreenScreenStudio
  • Plattform: Daz3D