The Temple of Xion

The Temple of Xionis the latest of many new sci-fi set from Midnight_stories. It has an eerie feel of ancient technology forgotten. There is a main sci-fi set with 4 opening and closing doors which lead into interconnecting tunnels, in the middle is a set of steps lead to the center piece"The Navigation Chain", this can rise up, or lower down into a chamber, plus the center section can totally rotation around.

There are 5 preload scenes, 2 concrete materials Clean and Grunge. The chair comes with 3 different material sets, see promo images. An engineer statue prop and of course the Navigation Chain prop, and lighting presets.

Two of the preloaded scenes use the "Genesis Creation Engineer". These have been provided as a convenience for uses who own the Genesis Creation Engineer. However the other scenes do not require the Creation Engineer to load.

There is limited Poser Support with only the main set and engineer statue prop and Navigation Chain prop, but no lighting sets or scenes.

This is a must have for all you Aliens and Prometheus fans!


  • Produktnummer: 20221
  • Dateiname:
    • IM00020221-01_TheTempleofXion
    • IM00020221-02_TheTempleofXionPoserCF
  • Plattform: Daz3D