Z Colorful Emotions Mix and Match Expressions for Genesis 8.1 Female

Z Colorful Emotions Mixed Expressions for Genesis 8.1 Female is a unique set that will help your characters explore different and fun emotions with just one click! There are no exaggerated grimaces here, only subtly crafted faces that will make your renders pop.

It includes upper and lower face expressions, both as dials and one click, so you can mix and match these expressions to create endless possibilities. You can also mix in several different expressions at once, thanks to the power of dials, to give you even more possibilities.

The Expressions are both dialable or one-click, depending on what you prefer for ease of use.

There are 40 Expressions included that have been carefully adjusted for Genesis 8.1 Female.

These expressions will not overshadow your poses, only compliment them. Mix and Match and enjoy Z Colorful Emotions Mixed Expressions for Genesis 8.1 Female!


  • Produktnummer: 80463
  • Dateiname:
    • IM00080463-01_ZColorfulEmotionsMixandMatchExpressionsforGenesis8_1 Female
  • Plattform: Daz3D