1stB Just Standing Idle Poses for Genesis 8 Female

Sometimes you just need a simple idle pose. Subtle and inconspicuous, Just Standing Idle Poses are perfect for dialogue-type scenes or busy city streets, or any scene where the main subject is all posed and postured, but you want characters to fill secondary or tertiary roles in the background.

Just Standing Idle Poses for Genesis 8 Female is your solution! Featuring enough variations that different characters can stand next to each other and still have a unique pose, yet not overwhelmingly "posed" that it feels unnatural or too much like a pin-up, Just Standing Idle Poses is for real people in realistic standing poses.

This FirstBastion pose pack contains 48 realistic rotation only standing idle poses for Genesis 8 Female, a flat foot pose, a 3-inch heel adjusted pose, a zero position reset pose, and 5 origin zero position standing poses.

Whether your characters are waiting for a bus/taxi, talking in a group or trying hard to look nonchalant while planning something nefarious, Just Standing Idle Poses offers those subtle and un-posed positions that add to ordinary realism vital for multi-character and complex scenes.

Note: These "rotation only" poses can be applied to any character anywhere within the world and the character will assume the pose at their current location.


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    • IM00068433-01_1stBJustStandingIdlePosesforGenesis8Female
  • Plattform: Daz3D
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