Dicktator For Genesis 3 Male

Dicktator is the natural evolution of the Futalicious gen: a fully rigged Genitalia graft for Genesis 3 Male, complete with a detailed anus. Because bigger is better, it comes by default as a large cock, and can be scaled up to a monster that can rivals anything and down to a tiny penis. It can be freely shaped with fresh and stylish option, from the urethra mouth to the scrotum details.

But this is not all, you can also achieve the best results for the anus, stretching and opening it widely... From the glans to the colon, all the graft is posable, no matter the scale or shape! All comes with three textures options, that blends nicely with most G3M texture sets. And as a juicy bonus, five conforming cumshots are included, and a bondage wearable with matching morph to squeeze the erected shaft and testicles!

For your males characters, dicktator means power!


  • Produktnummer: 55762
  • Dateiname:
    • Meipe_Dicktator_pass
    • Meipe_Dicktator_G3M_v3
  • Plattform: Renderotica